LMM Technologies LLC
Research and Development Consulting
Product Development - Develop ideas into products and get them into production fast.\r\nElectronic Design - Perform analog and digital design.\r\n \r\nFirmware/Software Design - C/C++, visual basic, assembly language programming with 8, 16, & 32-bit microcontrollers.\r\n\r\nCircuit Design and Printed Circuit Layout - Schematics, component placement, and routing for PCBs. \r\n\r\nProduct Testing - Help in Function testing of products as well as EMC testing at approved testing labs. \r\n\r\nSmall Volume Assembly - Assemble prototypes, test fixtures, cable assemblies and one time only production runs.\r\n

Contact Information
Email : dirrick.ferrell@lmmtech.com
Phone : 616-288-9815
Address :
P.O Box 88061
Michigan - 49518-0061